Semalt Explains How To Perform Web Scraping Operations For Free

A web scraping agent is a kind of robot developed to run through web pages to extract all the necessary data. Content Grabber is a free web scraping tool created to handle even with complex types of data.

First of all, you can try the trial version of the agent to get started. During the trial period, a customized but simple web scraping agent can be developed for you. However, you need to understand that the trial agent is created to demonstrate its potential and it can't correspond to all your needs. Besides, you can only get one agent for a single website.

If you need a web scraping agent that can handle with some complex scraping tasks or you want to scrape data from multiple websites, you'll have to purchase its paid version. However, in the course of this article, we are going to speak about the Content Grabber options you may get for free. So you may request a free web scraping agent by sending an email to Usually, you will receive a free agent within 24 business hours after sending a request. However, it can take longer if you send the request during a busy period.

Steps to request a free web scraping agent

First of all, you need to provide a start URL. This is the URL to a web page where your free agent will start extracting data.

You have to explain which kind of data you want to extract from your website. The most effective method to achieve this is by providing screenshots of the web pages with the required data boldly marked.

You should avoid giving vague instructions like "all data should be extracted from the website," since it is not likely what you really need. However, if it turns out that you literarily need all the data on your website, use Website Downloader instead of Content Grabber.

You also need to specify the data format that is the most appropriate for you. The usual formats are XML, CSV, and Excel.

The next step is to send all the information listed above to and get a reply and a sample data extract within 24 business hours or a little longer in some cases.

Install the trial version of Content Grabber to get acquainted with the tool. You'll get an exported agent file that can be imported to the Content Grabber by selecting Import Agent from the file menu of Content Grabber.

You can now make use of the web-scraping agent from the Content Grabber Run menu. You should bear in mind that the trial version will stop immediately after the 100th-page load.

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